Happy Hacker Deals - May to July

Amazing bundle deals and great savings on essential hoofcare products.

Polo & Sport Programme

Kerckhaert horseshoes are used worldwide by the best farriers, trainers and riders. The Kings ESP High Goal Polo shoe has all of the excellent features you would expect plus a higher inner rim to improve grip and traction. Steel Kings Polo, our original and popular shoe, is perfect for the majority of polo ponies. Steel Kings Extra Sound Plus are shaped to give more support. Whatever shoe you choose, you can be assured of excellent Kerckhaert quality.

Happy Hacker Deals - Mar to May

Amazing bundle deals and great savings on essential hoofcare products.

3 Sound Solutions

It is well known that thoroughbred racehorses often suffer from sore feet and horses with sore feet simple won’t run as fast as they can. Thin hoof walls, thin soles or collapsed heels are some of the most common issues that will impact racehorses from achieving their full potential. Farriers now have solutions available to address these three problems. The solutions are inexpensive to apply, it will just take the farrier a little extra time to apply and of course, develop the skills to do so. But if you have the skill to shoe a racehorse, these techniques are easier to learn.

Let's Get Gluing

Stromsholm is delighted to bring you this guide on the different adhesives on the market and especially on how to use the most popular adhesives found in the farriery industry. This booklet would have not been possible without the help and advice from the manufacturers featured in this ‘let’s get gluing’ guide and especially to Jeff Newman for sharing his technical data with Stromsholm.

Kerckhaert & Quality Horseshoes Guide

This catalogue has been designed to display the wide range of Royal Kerckhaert horseshoes available. In order to provide each individual horse with the best shoe, we have developed a range of more than 1800 different styles. Good shoeing made easy! Every shoe we make is the result of listening to hard-working farriers just like you. Just take some time to look through this catalogue and you are sure to find exactly the shoe you need.